8 Cool Games to Play with Your Pet Rabbit -Throw and fetch

8 Cool Games to Play with Your Pet Rabbit

Netherland dwarf bunnies love to play games and learn simple tricks

Playing with your rabbit pet is important. It gives them the much-needed exercise that keeps them healthy. Being active also leads to mental stimulation. Having a fun time with the bunny will help in developing a bond between the two of you. Additionally, such activities offer the opportunity to monitor the bunny’s physical health and well being. The best games are the ones which cater for the natural tendencies of rabbits. Here are 8 cool games which both of you will enjoy.

  1. Throw and fetch

In this game, the bunny is the thrower you are the fetcher. Bunnies love to pick up toys with their teeth, then toss them off with a flick of their head. Provide toys which can be easily gripped such as toy birds. Increase their interest by stacking hay into cardboard tubes. The tubes can be made cheaply from empty toilet paper rolls or paper towels. Having cat balls with bells in them will get your rabbit’s attention. Roll them towards your pet. Once the bunny gets the drift, it will begin picking them up and tossing the back at you.

  1. Logic games

Rabbits are naturally intelligent and most curious. They enjoy logical challenges such as pulling levers and opening boxes. There are numerous logic toys at pet stores, to begin with.

  1. Treat Tease

8 Cool Games to Play with Your Pet Rabbit -Treat Tease This is the most common bunny game, and certainly the most enjoyable. Hold a treat such as a papaya table or food pellet in a loosely closed fist. Close both fists and hold them both out. Let your pet smell out which fist has the treat. Always give your pet the treat once it correctly figures out the right fist. You can also hold the treat high enough above the bunny that it has to stretch to get it. It is best to play where it does not have the support to brace itself while stretching. The game helps your rabbit exercise its balancing ability. Additionally, you can place your pet on a table or box then place the treat at the edge of the box. Ensure it has to stretch its neck to reach it. The table should be covered to ensure it is not slippery. You don’t want your pet slipping and hurting itself.

  1. Run and catch

8 Cool Games to Play with Your Pet Rabbit -Run and Catch Crawling toddlers love this game, so do rabbits. Watch for the time it is running towards you. Crawl or run away to initiate a chase. Then suddenly turn and chase her playfully. Turn and run again after a few hops and encourage her to pursue. Initially, your pet may not perform so well at the game. But as it learns it is just a game, it enjoys it and initiates the chase most of the time. The exercise is as well good for its muscles.

  1. Back Riding

The aim of the game is to teach your pet how to ride on your back. Begin by lying your belly with a treat on your back. The treat will prompt the rabbit to jump on. After it is used to sitting on your back, move your back muscles to create a moving ground. With time begin crawling around to teach it how to ride on your back. Jumping off from your back is a good exercise too.

  1. Lap Jumping

Jumping is a great exercise. Only make sure you do not frustrate your pet by making it jump too high. To achieve a reasonable height, sit a chair when offering food such as bananas or apple pieces. Let it jump onto your lap to pick it. Allow them to jump off at their own accord.

  1. Peek a boo

Yes, this is a fun game for bunnies. Throw a towel or anything that covers the bunny. Watch as she struggles to get loose. Find creative ways of playing this game and figure out which ones your pet enjoys most. Avoid suffocating materials such as polyethylene.

  1. Bunny Thief

Stealing is morally wrong for humans, but bunnies enjoy it. They love to ‘steal’ things out of hands. It will certainly like snatching the apple you are eating from your and run away with it. At some point, it may start grabbing important papers from you only to run away and begin nibbling them. So just ensure you keep all your important stuff out of your hand when your kleptomaniac pet is around. To develop an enjoyable game with your pet, it is important to figure out what it naturally enjoys. Then create ways you can become part of it. Above all, often interact with it. Keep trying different things and observing its reactions to various activities. Happy playing!