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Netherland Dwarf Bunny Breed , Facts, Photos, Care Information
The Ultimate Guides to Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Care, Diet, Breeding, Babies, Pet Care & more.

Keeping the Netherland Dwarf Rabbits with Cats and Dogs

Pet owners often find pleasure and enjoy the company of a tiny Netherland dwarf rabbit. These are adorable animals that are also quite expressive and display different fascinating habits. They are clean adorable little pets which can be groomed and house-trained. This breed of rabbits is rather compact that has taken its origins from the … Read more

How To Litter Train Your Pet Netherland Dwarf Rabbit – Tips & Tricks

Litter training your pet rabbit is not a myth, it’s fairly easy to potty train your rabbit. Learn tips on how to successfully litter train your pet rabbit. Step-by-step guide. Pet rabbits, just like cats or dogs can be litter trained and make great indoor companions. Rabbits usually pick one corner spot as toilet area … Read more

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Breed Information, Varieties & Facts

Netherland dwarf bunny is a very popular rabbit breed not only in US but also around the world. These cute critters are adorable, gentle, playful and one of the favorite for pet after cats and dogs. Compared to a dog or a cat, bunnies are actually a very low-maintenance pet. They are playful, friendly, don’t … Read more

What To Do If You Find An Abandoned Bunny Baby

If you have just found an abandoned bunny, first, determine if it truly has been abandoned.  If several bunnies are together in a nest and there is no mother in sight, then they probably haven’t been abandoned.  Mother rabbits only feed their young once a day, and usually at night.  They do not stay with … Read more

8 Cool Games to Play with Your Pet Rabbit

Netherland dwarf bunnies love to play games and learn simple tricks Playing with your rabbit pet is important. It gives them the much-needed exercise that keeps them healthy. Being active also leads to mental stimulation. Having a fun time with the bunny will help in developing a bond between the two of you. Additionally, such … Read more

The Cheapest Homemade Toys for Rabbits

Netherland dwarf bunnies love to play with chew toys Rabbits are naturally playful animals that exhibit love for engaging and interacting with toys. With this in mind, they tend to be relatively costly compared to other types of toys available in the market. The  manufacture and distributions of the toys reason out that their high … Read more

10 Critical Facts about Caring For Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Proper Care, Diet, Play time and lots of Love Rabbits, like any other pet, require proper care if they are to remain healthy and live longer. The Netherlands Dwarf Rabbits are easy to look after. Below are the ten care tips which keep the Netherlands breed healthy and happy. Proper Housing Netherland dwarfs can be … Read more

The Best Daily Rabbit Diet For Your Pet Bunny

A balanced diet is essential to keep your bunny healthy, happy and live a longer life. Rabbits should be taken care of well just like any other animal. Therefore a proper and balanced diet is essential. A balance in fruits and vegetables is critical in ensuring healthy rabbits. Rabbits at different stages need to be … Read more

Raising Baby Rabbits: Healthy Baby Rabbit Care till 12 Weeks Old

Raising healthy baby rabbits (kits) require knowledge and proper planning Rabbits are considered the easiest thing to raise because they are docile and easy to handle. Furthermore, they are not choosy eaters and they require minimum attention. However, caring for baby rabbits may require some additional effort. This is especially if their mother is deceased. … Read more

7 Steps Guide to Successful Netherlands Dwarf Rabbits Breeding

Rabbit breeding required thorough understanding of proper breeding & husbandry techniques Netherland dwarf rabbits are loveable and pretty to play with. If you wish to breed your own bunch of dwarf bunnies, it’s important to know early that it is not as simple as it is in humans. However, rabbit breeding can be an interesting … Read more