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Are bunny rabbits good pets?
Are pet rabbits affectionate?

Netherland dwarf bunnies are gentle, well-mannered and make great pets. Rabbits in general are great companions, they are only third behind cats and dogs. Netherland dwarf rabbits are playful, intelligent and always eager to learns new tricks. You can actually litter train a bunny fairly easily, this makes them a great indoor pet. You can call them by their name and train them to do trick and simple commands like cats or dogs.

Are Netherland dwarf rabbits cuddly?
Do Netherland dwarf rabbits like to be held?
What type of personality do Netherland dwarf rabbits have?
How is Netherland dwarf bunny temperament?
Are Netherland dwarf bunnies well behaved?

Netherland dwarf rabbits are gentle, friendly and curious. They are one of the smallest rabbit breeds, which makes them easy to pick up and carry around or just put in the lap.  They love to snuggle, explore and are super friendly with other animals.

Is Netherland dwarf the smallest breed of rabbit?
How much do adult Netherland dwarf bunny weigh?

Netherland dwarf rabbits are one of the smallest breed of rabbits, an adult typically weighs around 2 to 2.5 pounds only with small compact round bodies, short neck and small ears. They are found in a variety of colors and patterns.

What do you feed a Netherland dwarf bunny?
How much do you feed dwarf rabbit?
How do you take care of a rabbit?
How much does it cost to take care of a Netherland dwarf bunny?

Care of a rabbit is similar to any indoor pet. You want to make sure they have a nice, clean space and plenty of food and love. Rule of thumb is to keep their cage clean, have water and some hay always available to them. If you have trained the rabbit to use a litter box, please keep it clean. If you are using a open bottom cage, please dump the drop pan and wash it off as often as possible but at least once a day. Rabbits are very susceptible to health problems caused by ammonia vapors and excess humidity from a build-up of manure and urine. You can use straw, hay or aspen shavings as bedding but don’t use pine or cedar shavings as that could be harmful to rabbits. Netherland dwarf bunnies don’t eat much, just 1/3 -1/2 cup of pellet and regular supple is all you need. Occasional fruit or vegetable treats should only be given to adult bunnies. Cost of caring a Netherland dwarf bunny is fairly low, usually cheaper than a dog or cat.

What do you feed a pet rabbit?
What not to feed a pet rabbit?
What do dwarf bunnies need?

A well balanced diet is the key to a healthy bunny. Netherland Dwarf bunnies love their food and should contain a healthy mix of pellets, hay and fresh fruits and vegetables. They should always have unlimited access to fresh timothy hay, grass, and plenty of clean water available. Pellets should be given in limited quantities (1/3 cup) else the bunny will start gaining weight that could lead to sickness or other health issues. Similarly fruit and vegetables should be offered as treats and only added to the diet once they reach adult age. Avoid fancy mixed available at the super store, they are not good for the gentle Netherland Dwarf bunnies.

How long does a Netherland Dwarf rabbit live for?
How is an average lifespan of adult Netherland Dwarf Rabbit?
Is 2 year old old dwarf bunny too old to be a pet?
Do Netherland Dwarf pet rabbits live as long as cats and dogs?

Rabbits in the wild have a life span for about 3 years. Larger rabbit breeds only live for 5-6 years. Pet Netherland dwarf rabbits can live anywhere from 7-12 years based on living conditions, diet and exercise. Neutered/spayed bunnies tend to live longer and and are less prone to diseases. Excessive breeding can also shorten the doe’s lifespan. Proper care, regular vet visits, lots of play time and love can increase their life expectancy.

What is the minimum cage size for a rabbit?
What do you need in a rabbit cage?
How big does a rabbit run need to be?
Do rabbits need bedding in their cage?

Rabbits can be housed in anything from ready-made rabbit hutches, simple wire cages or home made wooden wire cages. Rabbits needs enough room to sleep, stretch and play. Small rabbit breed like Netherland dwarf  bunnies need around 15′ area, so any cage that’s 3’x5′, 4’x4′, 2’x8′ would work for the bunny giving it enough space to play.  If you have the bunny roaming free, a decent size hutch is all you need so the bunny has a clean, dry space to rest.

How much “out of cage time” do bunnies need?
Do rabbits need to be kept in a cage?
How long after neuter can I let bunny out of cage?
Why won’t my bunny come out of her cage?

Netherland dwarf rabbits love to play. For young bucks and does, it’s recommended to take them out of the cage for 2-4 hours every day, at least an hour at minimum.  There are nice wire rabbit runs available which are fairly cost effective and protect the rabbits from predators. The best ones are covered on the top as well. Weather permitting, you can leave the rabbits out in a protected rabbit run for long hours as long as there is shade or small hutch to protect them from direct sun and heat/cold/rain and fresh water. Some bunnies are shy and won’t come out of their cage on their own, so you may need to get them out and love them so they are not scared. If you get your buck neutered, it’s better to keep him in the cage from 3-5 days till he is fully healed. He could hurt himself jumping or running outside.

Can you keep a rabbit in the house?
Can rabbits live in the house?

Netherland dwarf bunnies are one of the smallest breed and won’t survive in harsh weather conditions outdoors. It is highly recommended to keep then in the house or in a controlled environment especially if you live in areas where high/low temperatures expected. As a house pet, it also makes sense to keep your bunny in the house just like dogs or cats. They are nice to other pets and don’t bite. Having your bunny in the house makes it easier to keep an eye on them and interact with them all day without having to make a trip outside to play with your pet.

Can rabbits and dogs get along?
Do bunnies get lonely on their own?
Can rabbits die of loneliness?
Do rabbits need a companion?
Can you have two female rabbits together?

Rabbits in general are social animals, they love to play and chase each other. Rabbits that live in groups or pairs are so much happier compared to those that live alone. Rabbits can easily become bored, lonely and depressed. Indoor rabbits that have a lot of human interaction or play with other pets can do fine by themselves. You can have two does or even two bucks to live together. If you prefer bucks, try to get two from the same litter as they do much better and typically won’t fight.