Netherland Dwarf Bunnies make Great Pets

Top reasons to get a cute Netherland Dwarf rabbit as pet

  1. Cute and irresistible

Netherland bunnies have a characteristic big eyes and head with  small ears.  The look on the eyes of this bunny is so cute you will not be able to resist. The Netherland Dwarf bunnies are available in a variety of fur colors. You can choose from black, white, silver, brown, mixture of either two, the list is endless. The soft fur of these animals makes them look very cuddly. They are loved by both children and adults. They do not resist touching compared to other pets. They stay still most of the time and enjoy the relationship they have with humans.

  1. Requires minimal space

Rabbits require very little recreational space  compared to dogs and cats. Irrespective of the size of the cage, outside the cage the bunny is unlikely to cause any chaos. The cats will play around with tissue papers, pieces of clothes and cause a lot of mess. If you are a neat person, then a bunny will be your ideal pet. Bunnies do not like running around. They can stay in one spot for quite some time compared to other hyper pets. A bunny can jump on the bed or lie on the carpet for hours without moving. Therefore caging them does not cause them a lot of stress.

  1. Rabbits are Not needy


Rabbits are not as needy as dogs or even cats. A bunny can play on its own and give you the peace of mind you need.  However, bunnies may follow you from one room to the other. When you call them, they are intelligent enough to jump onto your lap. In fact, if a bunny is in the company of a fellow bunny, they bond and entertain each other so well. These are the kind of pets which you feel safe leaving behind while travelling. They would not go into a shock due to separation from their primary caregiver.

  1. Bunnies are light weight

Bunnies cannot grow past a specific weight. Unlike dogs, bunnies will remain within a small range of weight. You will never have to struggle with the need to carry around a huge and heavy pets. If you love carrying your pets, then the bunny will be the most ideal for you. You can have the bunny on your lap for long hours without realizing it. You will not get up feeling tired in the knee area because of a heavy pet. Pet dogs like the German shepherd grow to be huge, carrying them becomes a problem.

  1. Rabbits are Teachable


Playing with your bunny is certainly going to be fun. Teaching a bunny a few simple tricks is much easier. Tricks such as jumping over hurdles, rolling over and following instructions  is easier to bunnies. If you feel frustrated teaching a pet tricks like the litter box, try out a bunny. They are very intelligent and will take up what you say easily.

  1. Friendly to other pets

Rabbits are the only pets that have been found to have unlikely friends. Their relationship does not have borders. So long as you introduce her to other pets around you in a soft manner he will embrace them. You should not want to let him feel threatened by other pets in the house. He may just become very defensive. If you have pets from different groups of animals and would like to add one who is not necessarily a dog or cat, then a bunny is your best option. The peace in the family will not be disrupted by this new pet.

  1. Peaceful and very quiet

So you have had those pets that won’t let you have a good night’s sleep. Try a bunny. These pets are very silent. You will rarely hear their vices unless they are threatened. There are some dogs that just bark without an apparent reason, this is sometimes sickening t their owners. Cats have also been reported to meow at night, disrupting people’s sleep. If you have a young baby in the house, and would love to keep it as quiet as possible with a pet around, then choose a bunny. You might even wonder whether he is around or not.

  1. Can survive without any special diet


A Bunnie’s diet is not so different from the human diet. In fact a bunny can survive without special treats, unlike other animals. This makes keeping a bunny very cheap. The food they eat are majorly raw fruits and vegetables. These are foods that are found in groceries. In fact, you can just spare a little portion of your groceries to cater for your bunny. Not much preparation goes into preparing a bunny’s meal. Proper cleaning is the main requirement before serving the bunny with some carrots or apples. Boiling of bones in dog meal takes much energy to produce. Rabbits are therefore greener pets than the rest.


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