Kaytee Fiesta Rabbit Food, 20 Pounds

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Naturally preserved for optimum freshness with no artificial colors or flavors
A complete diet that helps ensure proper nutrition for a healthy immune system and growth
Enriched rabbit food with a mix of vegetables, high fiber hay, healthful whole grains, and fruit

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Kaytee Fiesta Rabbit food is a nutritionally fortified connoisseur diet product of a premium mix of culmination, vegetables, seeds and grains providing most selection, amusing and vitamins for small animals. Fiesta comprises prebiotics and probiotics to give a boost to digestive health and is formulated together with your small animal species in mind.

Kaytee understands that sharing your existence with a small pet isn’t just stress-free however very enriching. Kaytee presentations our love by means of making sure we offer your pet with the most productive vitamins for an extended and healthy existence. With over 150 years of nutritional enjoy, it is no surprise why Kaytee is on the center of each healthy feeding routine.
Nutritionally fortified connoisseur food
DHA omea-3 supports center, brain and visible purposes
Prebiotics and probiotics aids in digestive health

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