Lixit 64oz / Half Gallon Weather Resistant Water Bottle for Rabbits and Other Small Animals. (Pack of 1)

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Tough materials: made of durable and weather-resistant plastic, the Licit all weather rabbit water bottle is perfect for indoor and outdoor cages
QUALITY DESIGN: This bottle has a stainless steel ball-bearing tube tip inserted into aplastic cap design that stops dripping when a vacuum develops after your pet drinks from the spout. Leaking may occur if vacuum is not formed. Cap color may vary from image shown.
Easy access: The wide mouth design means you can easily fill and clean your pet’s bottle

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Lixit wide mount bottle for simple filling or cleaning and includes a stainless-steel double ball-point tube. Durable, heavy duty, weather resistant bottle. Ideal for ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits, use on out of doors cages. Is available in 64-ounce capacity. “All commonplace bottles (apart from best fill) need to be filled totally full. Yes they want to test for the yellow gasket. Preferably, they fill totally full, tighten cap, BEFORE, turning over to hold they must squeeze bottle reasonably and force a small spurt of water out. Then flip over to hold. It is important to that the make stronger wire and the bail wire are both used. If a customer just rests on a wire there may be an excessive amount of weight at the neck of cap and it’ll permit air in.”
All Weather Rabbit Water Bottle
Wide Mount Bottle For Simple Filling And Cleaning
Includes a stainless-steel double ball-point tube
Ideal For Ferrets, Guinea Pigs And Rabbits
Comes In 64-Ounce Capacity
Note:Kindly practice the stairs within the instruction guide that comes along side the product to forestall over the top dripping

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