Premium 1st Cut Timothy Hay

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HayRabbit Premium Timothy hay is high in fiber and low in protein and calcium. It is ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small pets digestive systems and preventing GI stasis. An unlimited amount of water will have to all the time be to be had. Timothy hay may be best for small animals dental health. HayRabbit Premium 2nd cut Timothy Hay is our Perfect Seller and has a tendency to be a bit softer and larger leaf structure than other cuttings.It’s going to have more protein and not more fiber than 1st cut Timothy Hay. 1st cut Timothy is a bit longer with coarser leaves and filled with big seeds heads. It is lower in protein and higher in Fiber and Calcium. 1st cut Timothy grows longer than 2nd and 3rd cuttings because it starts growing within the early spring when the elements remains to be cool. It takes more time to grow until It is in a position to reap.The longer growing period time lowers protein and raises fiber and calcium and creates the massive beautiful seed heads. Hay grows faster when temps get into the 70s and preferably 80 degree range. Now we have been within the farming business for over 75 years beginning our 4th generation. It is been not unusual for customers to commute 3 hours 1 way to buy our products direct from the farm. We are positioned within the Imperial Valley which is 2 hours South East of San Diego, California.Now we have regular Customers coming from San Diego , Los Angeles , Phoenix Palm Springs and Las Vegas. The standard of our hay sells itself and we all know that now not all the time does hay get baled as much as our #1 quality standards. We best make a selection to package our HayRabbit boxes with #1 quality Premium Timothy Hay.

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