YILMEN Apple Sticks Pet Chew Toys for Chinchillas Rabbits Guinea Pig Squirrel Hamster

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Material: 100% organic apple wood branches for bunny, Squirrel, rabbits, chinchillas, Rat, guinea pigs, Hamsters and other small pet molar activities.
Feature: pure natural apple sticks with sweet taste, organic, no pesticides, contain less moisture, no damp mildew, harmless to the health of small pets, easy to save, safe and assured, can be stored for a long time.
Apple chew sticks: lost at the bottom of the cage, The little pet who will eat their own, edible.(Guinea Pig accessories, Rat tunnels, hamster Food, rabbit toys pet supplies, bunny supplies, chew toys)

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Product Name: Natural Apple Tree Branches 

(Sticks Are Thick Or Skinny, The Number Is No longer Positive ) 

Reasons To Make a selection Us: 

1. Add Amusing In The Free Time, Pets Can Bite Apple Sticks. Apple Tree Branch Is A Very Just right Pet Chewing Snacks. 

2. Give protection to Teeth Natural Molar Tools To Be sure The Healthy Growth Of Small Pet Teeth.

3.Supplemental Natural Vitamin C Apple Sticks Are Wealthy In Vitamins And Can Supplement The Wishes Of Small Pets In Time. 

4. Natural And Organic Pure Natural And Organic Apple Sticks Are Freshly Packaged To Be sure The Pet’s Ease Of Use. 

The Scope Of Application: 

The Bite Wooden Is one hundred% Natural Apple Tree Branches For Squirrel, Rabbit,Parrot,Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters And Different Small Pet Molar Activities. 

Production Process: 

Sifting→Pruning→Soak→Rinse→Drying→Sortation→Packaging. We Use Strict Process To Be sure Wooden Tree Branches Quality. Contain Less Moisture, No Damp Mold, Stay Dry,Harmless To The Health Of Small Pets, Can Be Stored For A Long Time.

Warm Guidelines: 

1. Please Stay It Ventilated And Do No longer Put It In A Damp Place. 

2.Apple Sticks Are Thick And Skinny,Can No longer Guarantee That The Specification Is Totally Same, However The Youngsters Does not Care On It.If You Are The Suitor Of A Best possible Skilled, Please Pay Attention. 

3. We Can not Guarantee That Your Pet Will Love To Eat Apple Tree Branches, And A few Will Pick out Up Handiest The Slag, A few Will No longer Know That Apple Sticks Is A Molar, And Others Will No longer Bite In The Boredom To Take a look at To Bite .After A Even as Out Of Keep an eye on. 

So Please Place Orders In moderation.

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