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  • HIGH QUALITY: Rabbit hutch is made of high quality natural fir, the wood is strong and natural, and the paint on the surface is environmentally friendly, waterproof and safe, and pets can use it with confidence. The asphalt-covered roof protects pets from moisture infiltration and excessive sunlight, has a long service life, and gives your pets a safe and warm home.
    LARGE SPACE: Rabbit cage is a three-door design, with large activity space, pets can come in and play freely without interference, enjoy the happy time of eating and sleeping, and you will also have a special place to fully interact with your pets, more interesting.
    REMOVABLE TRAY: The removable tray is easy to slide out, making it easier for you to clean and providing your pet a more comfortable living experience.

    Brand : POTBY
    Manufacturer : POTBY
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
    Ns : 0611355247776
    Cs : 611355247776
  • $35.99$65.99
    Size : 24-inch - 30-inch - 36-inch - 42-inch - 48-inch
    Brand : AmazonBasics
    Style : With door - Without door
    Manufacturer : AmazonBasics
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
    Part Number : 9004-24B
    Model : 9004-24B
  • BE MINDFUL INDOOR OUTDOOR SMALL FIR WOOD ANIMAL HUTCH | made with solid wood and easy to assemble this hutch is the perfect compliment to your backyard or indoors. Easy to open compartments at various points and ergonomical for your furry friends.
    FIR WOOD HUTCH FEATURES: Rain resistant top, easy access roof on hinges, lots of space to move around, anti-slip ladder, close each level off to each other, plastic trays for easy cleaning, ramp for easy access for the little guys || OUR BUNNY HUTCH IS EASY TO ASSEMBLE for most people
    WHO IS BE MINDFUL(TM): we build and source products specifically designed for families to enjoy. Our products are wholesome, technology free and are intended to help guide children into leading happy, healthy and wholesome lives. Our Be Mindful bunny hutch is the perfect compliment to our family of products as it helps kids develop and appreciation for animals and nature.

    Brand : Be Mindful
    Manufacturer : Be Mindful
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
  • 【EASY TO SET UP AND FOLD UP】The metal pet playpen with 8 panels is flexble,therefore you can configure ay shape to fit your room corner
    【8 Panel Ample Exercise Space】The 8 panel dog pen will provides ample exercise space for dogs.This dog cage will be the perfect play paradise for your furry friends
    【Multiple Use Dog House】This versatile dog kennel has multiple uses: playing, exercising, training, or simply keeping your dogs safe. It’s perfect for your backyard giving your pet a secure indoor and outdoor space to play

    Brand : HACHI SHOP
    Manufacturer : HACHISHOP
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
    Ns : 0611040066811
    Cs : 611040066811
    Part Number : 4334788514
    Height : 1.9 Inches
    Length : 24 Inches
    Weight : 15.59 Pounds
    Width : 24 Inches
  • $41.74$89.99
    Color : Black No Door - Gold Zinc w- Door
    Brand : MidWest Homes for Pets
    Size : 24" H - 30" H - 36" H - 42" H - 48" H
    Manufacturer : Midwest Homes for Pets
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
    Part Number : 550-24
    Model : 95459
    Height : 24 Inches
    Length : 0 Inches
    Weight : 0.7 Pounds
    Width : 24 Inches
  • A natural, solid-wood hideout for your guinea pig, chinchillas & other small animals.
    Constructed from quality timber, provide pets with a natural sense of security.
    The roof can be used as a habitat, you can add cloth cushions,or put food to the roof.

    Brand : Niteangel®
    Manufacturer : Niteangel
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
    Ns : 0646690329498
    Cs : 646690329498
    Part Number : HIPCHEW100
    Model : HIPCHEW100
    Color : Col.dgs-23
    Height : 3.5 Inches
    Length : 3.5 Inches
    Weight : 0.58 Pounds
    Width : 3.5 Inches
  • Ideal Outdoor Pet House-With the pitched roof, ventilation door, and waterproof wood nesting box,the wood hen house with run provide enough light and more fresh air for your lovely pets. The pets are shielded from the harsh light or rain outside.
    Stury & Durable- The wood pet hutch is made of nature fir wood and painted with eco-friendly waterproof non-toxic paint. The hardwood and mesh wire construction allows it to stay outside for years.
    Safe & Comfortable- Outside bunny hutch with raised floor and sloped roof keep your pets dry and warm in rainy days.And the first story running area provide ample room for rabbits to run around and exercise and prevent from being invaded by predators or the neighborhood cat. The pets go to the second story resting house to relax and hide easily with the anti-slip ramp.

    Brand : P PURLOVE
    Color : auburn - Gray
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: This elevated rabbit hutch is made of fir wood and painted with secure paint for a strong, long-lasting finish. Small rabbit cage is recommended for one rabbit.
    WATERPROOF ROOF: The asphalt shingle roof of this rabbit house provides protection for the rabbits from light weather
    EASY TO CLEAN: The bunny hutch is easily accessible for cleaning, featuring a hinged roof, wide front doors, and bottom slide-out tray.

    Brand : Pawhut
    Manufacturer : Aosom LLC
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
    Ns : 0842525145527
    Cs : 842525145527
    Part Number : USD51-119BK0131
    Color : grey
  • 2 STORIES OF SPACE: This spacious rabbit hutch features a main room built for living and sleeping, a side patio for playing, and a bottom floor for running around, meaning your rabbit or other small animal has tons of area to stretch out in. Suitable for 1-2 rabbits.
    BUILT WITH REAL WOOD: Crafted with 100% solid fir wood, this small animal enclsure is super sturdy and natural-looking while providing protection of your loved ones from predators.
    BUILT TO WITHSTAND THE OUTSIDE: The roof of this rabbit cage is built with a material that helps fight UV and water deterioration, meaning your little buddies are protected from the elements.

    Brand : Pawhut
    Manufacturer : Aosom LLC
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
    Ns : 0842525144421
    Cs : 842525144421
    Part Number : USD51-122CG0131
    Color : grey
  • ✅SPACIOUS PET PLAYPEN: This rabbit hutch provides plenty of room for everything from playtime to rest time! The enclosed sleeping area provides a cozy space for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals.
    ✅EASY FEEDING: The rabbit cage includes a feeding trough so you can put grass or other pet food in it for your pet to enjoy at their leisure.
    ✅KEEP YOUR PETS DRY: Keep your furry friends dry with this rabbit home! The rabbit home is made with fir wood and a composite asphalt roof to provide a stable structure and to keep your pets out of the rain.

    Brand : Pawhut
    Manufacturer : Aosom LLC
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
    Ns : 0842525145596
    Cs : 842525145596
    Part Number : USD51-132GY0131
    Color : grey
  • WIRE EXERCISE PEN: Wire, solid-hinge & and double-door latches keep pets safe & secure as they play. Adjustable wire panels & anchors can be easily arranged in various shapes for versatile indoor & outdoor placement.
    QUICK ASSEMBLY: Features a snap hook design that requires no tools. Easily step through the wire kennel’s raised door for easy access. The cat and puppy playpen folds flat for simple storage & transport during travel.
    KENNELS & HOUSES: Crate & kennel training is vital for dog safety & comfort. We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training & exercise kennels, play pens, barn-style dog houses & more.

    Size : 24 by 24 - 30 by 24 - 36 by 24 - 42 by 24 - One Size
    Brand : Petmate
    Manufacturer : Doskocil
    Binding : Misc.
    Product Group : Pet Products
    Part Number : 55011-P
    Model : 55011-P