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All animals require food to give energy to their body, support growth of muscle and bones. Rabbits need carbohydrates, fats and proteins along with vitamins and minerals. Great source of carbs are oats, wheat, barley, corn etc. Small quantities of fat are present in oats, wheat and barley. Protein is an essential part of young bunny diets, a great source is hay (alfalfa) and grass. Fresh water is a vital part of any diet and should be provided to bunnies at all times.

The Best Daily Rabbit Diet For Your Pet Bunny

A balanced diet is essential to keep your bunny healthy, happy and live a longer life. Rabbits should be taken care of well just like any other animal. Therefore a proper and balanced diet is essential. A balance in fruits and vegetables is critical in ensuring healthy rabbits. Rabbits at different stages need to be … Read more