Category: Rabbit Toys

Rabbits love to play with toys. Wooden chew toys are great to hang in the cage so the bunny can play with it and chew. A simple cardboard box can be a great play toy for rabbits to crawl in & out. Paper towel or toilet paper tubes are free play toys that any bunny can enjoy. In hot summer months, you can fill a water bottle, freeze it and them place it in the rabbit cage. It serves as a play toy as well as something the rabbit can lean against and keep cool.

The Cheapest Homemade Toys for Rabbits

Netherland dwarf bunnies love to play with chew toys Rabbits are naturally playful animals that exhibit love for engaging and interacting with toys. With this in mind, they tend to be relatively costly compared to other types of toys available in the market. The  manufacture and distributions of the toys reason out that their high … Read more