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  • KEEPS RABBIT TEETH HEALTHY— Rabbits’ teeth are always growing and they need to chew on hard things to keep them trimmed and healthy. This hard pine wood is the perfect piece of lumber for your rabbit to gnaw, chew and bite for optimal oral health.
    PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS— With this exciting wooden chew toy you will stimulate your bunny both physically and mentally. Exploring, rolling and chewing will relieve boredom and strengthen your bond with your bunny.
    NATURAL FRESH PINE LUMBER— This SunGrow chew log is made from the sweet smelling fresh pine lumber. It is the ideal material for your pet bunny to chew on, as it is non toxic, 100% natural and very engaging for your bunny.

    Binding : Misc.
    Pattern Name : Pine Wood - Pine Wood Chew
    Brand : SunGrow
    Label : Marimo Pet Store
    Manufacturer : Marimo Pet Store
    Package Quantity : 1
    Product Group : Pet Products
    Product Type Name : PET_SUPPLIES
    Publisher : Marimo Pet Store
    Studio : Marimo Pet Store