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Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Breed Information, Varieties & Facts

Netherland dwarf bunny is a very popular rabbit breed not only in US but also around the world. These cute critters are adorable, gentle, playful and one of the favorite for pet after cats and dogs. Compared to a dog or a cat, bunnies are actually a very low-maintenance pet. They are playful, friendly, don’t … Read more

10 Critical Facts about Caring For Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Proper Care, Diet, Play time and lots of Love Rabbits, like any other pet, require proper care if they are to remain healthy and live longer. The Netherlands Dwarf Rabbits are easy to look after. Below are the ten care tips which keep the Netherlands breed healthy and happy. Proper Housing Netherland dwarfs can be … Read more

How to Help Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Adjust to a New Home

Simple tips to make your new pet bunny at home in no time Rabbits are very gentle pets if well settled in else having them in a new environment could pose as a big challenge. This is more so if they were born far away from their new home. Here are a few tips that … Read more